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1.   What do you sell?

  Deck Materials (Flooring and trim products)
  Accessories (Lights, brackets, rails) Please List:

2a.   Do you sell direct to deck builders?

  Only certain quantities

2b.   Do you sell direct to homeowners?

  Only certain quantities

3.   Would you be interested in posting press releases, ads, articles, seminar dates, show dates, factory tours, etc. on this site?

  Would like more information
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4.   Which method best describes how you get information about your products in front of deck builders? (Please indicate approximate percentage each method pertains to your advertising program)

% Walk in traffic
% Brochures and/or mail campaigns
% Magazine and newspaper advertising
% Home and/or trade shows
% Website
% Other

5. If you had to choose between the homeowners and the deck contractors, who do you think influences the choice of what materials and accessories will be used on any given project the most?

  The deck professional
  The homeowner

6. What is your company's' website address?

7. Would you be interested in extending any discounts or incentives to members of the Deck Industry Association?

  Perhaps our distributors can

8. I have not seen Professional Deck builder Magazine, please send me a complimentary copy.

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